Pics of the Day

For our final assignment in my intro to digital photography class, we had to select an object and take 100 or more photos of it – the idea being that taking that many images forces one to start to think more deeply about how that single object can be photographed.

I chose a Tuffy (the world’s finest pot-scrubbing accoutrement, in my opinion). Sadly, Tuffys are rather difficult to find in our neighborhood, so I’d just ordered some online. 24 of them to be exact. For whatever reason, I was mocked by my colleagues when a box of two dozen Tuffys showed up at my office…

But as it turned out, the Tuffy is not only an amazing dish-washing aid, it is also a quite photogenic subject.  And while I was rather pleased with results (if I do say so myself), it should be noted that I took over 300 photographs before I was able to pluck these few jewels from among the many rhinestones.  Ahh, the joys of digital…


2 responses to “Pics of the Day

  1. You, Sir, are a genius.

  2. No mocking from me. I immediately started contemplating doing the same for the equally hard to find Scotch-Brite Rescue Soap Pads that I’m partial to when someone mentioned your “odd” online purchase.

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