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“Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!”

Speaker Pelosi totally threw up in her mouth a little bit – and who could blame her? I loved that she added the eye-roll/side-eye right at the end there. You know, right after Harry Reid essentially ceded the Constitutionally-specified powers of the legislative branch to the executive branch?

from Wonkette

Pancho Villa: Great Burrito Amidst Inanity

Baby Burrito with Carnitas

Pancho Villa Tacqueria on the Embarcadero has been on something of a roll with me lately.  Their burritos are consistently good, but the last few have approached the zenith of the art of burrito making.  Per usual, I ordered a baby burrito (not to be confused with a burrito baby), which, despite the diminutive name, is sufficiently gut-busting to sate my appetite.  The ingredients are fresh and delicious as always – tender and savory carnitas; well-seasoned and spicy pico de gallo; rice and beans; avocado slices (generously applied and pretty much always superior to guacamole in both taste and texture); some cheese (which was nice and melty);  jalapeños; and some extra tomatillo salsa alongside.

Clearly, with such an array of well-executed burrito fillings, there is not a whole lot to screw up.  But today (and on my prior visit), I found the ingredients to be perfectly distributed throughout the burrito, the hallmark of fine craftsmanship – because, really, is there anything worse than a mouthful of just a single ingredient from one’s burrito, be it plain rice, a huge chunk of meat or a gusher of salsa?  I think not.  The whole point of a burrito is to enjoy a bit of each ingredient in every bite – and Pancho Villa’s burrito ladies have been doing a bang-up job of making this happen.

Not to mention, the burrito assembly technique is superb – symmetrical and wrapped tightly enough to ensure that it maintained its shape and integrity until the very last bite.  I went nearly foil-free from the very first bite.

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