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Isn’t there some sort of saying related to cats and curiosity?

Yes, I realize that re-posting cat videos found on other sites is the nadir of blogging…  But, seriously, how could I not share this? I’m not made of stone…

from Cute Overload

J’adore ce chat…

My French is rusty at best…  But apparently Laetitia and Guillaume are hiking from Miami to Ushuaia – a 9000 mile trek – with a budget of €1 per day and reliance on the kindness of strangers.  A rather amazing quest – made all the more so when one learns they brought along Kitty “le globe trotter”.  There’s also a much longer (and much cuter) video – though it’s all en français.  But you’ll get the gist of it even if you don’t speak a lick of French.

Seriously, though, this is one lucky cat…

Chez moi le samedi après-midi…

Just playing with my new toy…  and got some pretty cool shots.  Amazing what good equipment can do…




My favorite and most cooperative model.

My favorite and most cooperative model.

Of course, I’m actually wondering whether or not I should start a separate blog for photos.  I’ll leave it you, dear readers…

Blogging is hard…

I’ve been having a really difficult time coming up with blog topics.  With the election over, my sense of outrage has declined somewhat.  Don’t get me wrong – I still find myself outraged more often than not…  But the phrase “President-elect Obama” has a pronounced calming affect.

There’s still the whole Prop 8 fiasco, but how many times can I complain in a compelling way about my civil rights being abridged?  BOR-ING!

I’ve been tempted to write about that woman and the fact that she’s still showing up on my TV all the time (lately being interviewed in front of live turkey being shoved head first into a meat grinder – nice photo op!) but I’m trying to practice what I preach to my TV – namely, stop running stories about that woman! And when I say “preach”, I mean it…  Chris can vouch for the fact that I continue to scream at the TV news – and I’m convinced that it’s starting to make a difference in what they’re choosing to report on…  I suppose I just need to scream louder and more frequently.

And of course, there’re are still the various and sundry people not waiting in line properly or blocking the aisles at Whole Foods with their strollers and carts or wearing their backpacks on MUNI or attempting to refinance their homes using the ATM when all I need is twenty friggin’ dollars so I can buy some goddamn apples at the fucking farmer’s market, where I have to fight my way through all the goddamn people who apparently don’t have to work for a fucking living who not only block my access to the apples but have to involve the apple peddler in a long and boring discussion of the relative merits of the different varieties of apples and how they compare to the ones they got last week which were not as sweet as they’d hoped and wondering how the Arkansas Black is different from the Pink Lady when all I want to do is buy my stupid goddamn apples and rush back to my office where I have to finish writing my annual performance review…  But I digress…

So, anyhow – CATS!

from omgblog

When Cats Attack

Well, now that vacation is over, time to start posting cat videos again…  Beware of cats – they will stalk you, then pounce!

Ninja Cat

from omg blog

How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?

Every time I see this, it cracks me up.  I guess I’m just a simpleton…

from failblog.org

Cats on Treadmills

A delightful respite from imploding economies, venal Republicans and my obsessive worrying over the upcoming election.  I may just watch this video 24/7 until November 5, if only to prevent the multiple near-aneurysms I suffer each day as I navigate the blogosphere, reading about the latest disaster to befall the country…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

from omg blog