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Sweet Dreams

So apparently, Faith No More have reunited and are touring Europe…  There’s even talk of playing dates in the U.S. I’m not too familiar with their oeuvre, though I do recall being something of a fan of Epic – I liked the song and found lead-singer Mike Patton to be quite easy on the eyes…

What I had not known was that the band used to perform this rather amazing song, “Sweet Dreams” – and, no, it’s not the one popularized by Eurhythmics – though I suspect it will be recognizable to most…

And just in case you don’t remember it, here’s the source… Though be warned: if you click through to watch it, the tune will be stuck in your head for at least the rest of the day…

The Littlest Magic Kingdom

This is a charming example of “tilt-shift” photography (a.k.a. miniature faking) , which essentially means taking a photograph of something quite large, then applying the very shallow depth of field that one typically sees in close-up images of small objects. The result? What appears to be the world’s coolest miniature working model of Disney World.

Seward St. Slides

sewardstSome of my fondest memories of a childhood spent in San Francisco are visits to the Seward St. Slides. It’s just a little sliver of a playground that consists solely of two enormous (or so it seemed to my eight-year old eyes) concrete slides. My sisters and I would zoom down the slide and race back up for another ride down. We would do this hundreds of times over the course of an hour or so.

Of course, the slide experience improved exponentially when my step-mother started bringing a roll of wax paper on our outings.  We’d clamor for a fresh square to sit on as we careened down, ensuring that our little butts generated a minimum of friction, resulting in maximum speed, guaranteed airtime and a dramatic increase in the risk of serious injury…  It was magical.

I’m frankly amazed that the slides still exist, what with both litigation and the coddling of children being so popular these days…

At any rate, this video captures perfectly that, while we can all take part in the simple joys of a slide, the physical experience for a grown-up versus a kid is quite different.

Yes, I’m blogging from 35,000 feet.

Updating my blog while flying – exciting!  But also – not so much!  Because flying is really boring…  I am happy to report, however, that Chris and I managed to get what appears to be the only free middle seat on the plane – God, there really is nothing better than seeing that airplane door close while there’s an empty seat next to you…

The crew on the plane is 100% sausage-fest.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Just not sure I’ve ever been on a flight with an all-male crew – and only one of the three cabin attendants appears to be a queen.  The times they are a-changin’…

We also departed on time – despite some confusion with seating arrangements for some other passengers.  Despite having boarding passes that indicated they were seated in 19D and 21F, they chose to sit in seats 7E and 7F.  The passengers assigned to 7E and 7F were a bit puzzled, but it got sorted out quickly enough.  But really?  Did the interlopers really think no one would notice?  Or were they just obtuse?  Eh, whatever – I’m still savoring the empty seat to my right.

Anyhoo, on-time departure means we should arrive at JFK at 3PM, giving us plenty of time to see a play tonight.  We’re hoping to get tickets to Mary Stuart – Queen Elizabeth vs. Mary, Queen of Scots – a story I never tire of, despite knowing how it turns out (spoiler alert: not well for Mary).  That’ll make it five shows in four days…  A true gay-stravaganza weekend.

Hate to post without a picture or video to spice things up – but the onboard photo I took of myself using my laptop is not flattering.  Kind of like one of those grainy shots of Bigfoot, only instead of Bigfoot it’s Rosa Klebb… And yes, I am wearing my poison-tipped shoe.

So, instead: funny dogs!

J’adore ce chat…

My French is rusty at best…  But apparently Laetitia and Guillaume are hiking from Miami to Ushuaia – a 9000 mile trek – with a budget of €1 per day and reliance on the kindness of strangers.  A rather amazing quest – made all the more so when one learns they brought along Kitty “le globe trotter”.  There’s also a much longer (and much cuter) video – though it’s all en français.  But you’ll get the gist of it even if you don’t speak a lick of French.

Seriously, though, this is one lucky cat…


For some reason, Princess Juliana Airport in St. Maarten has been all over my radar lately.  I stumbled across some YouTube videos of planes landing there (see below – it’s freakin’ amazing).  Then it came up while I was watching World’s Sexiest Beach Bars (ew – I know…  I was channel surfing and became mesmerized) and they mentioned the Sunset Beach Bar on Maho Bay – right at the foot of the airport’s runway.  Then, this week in Ask The Pilot on, he responded to a question about this airport and it’s “dangerous” reputation – which of course he debunked.  The only thing unusual about this particular airport is it’s proximity to a lovely tropical beach – but the approach and landing are no different than any other airport.

At any rate, am I completely weird for wanting to go here?  I just think it must be amazing to sit on the beach (or in the water), watching commercial jets come screaming in for a landing directly overhead all day – especially while sipping on a tropical drink.  And I’ll bet I’d want to do this for more than a day…  Anyway, the photos below give some sense of the awesomeness.

Good grief!

¡Ay Caramba!

From Ask the Pilot: “At least one shot from the Airliners archives does seem to show a jet touching down a hair short of the threshold markings — something that is very much not supposed to happen.”

OK, this one's a bit too close for comfort...

Gulp... And note the two people huddled in fear by the cyclone fence...

Finally, some live-action.  And if you find this as fascinating as I do, just search for Princess Juliana Airport on YouTube and you’ll find plenty of other videos.  Some of the best ones show what happens if you’re standing on the beach when a 747 spools up for take off

I do.

What a lovely story – told in a mere 60 seconds…

Happy Birthday, Darlin’…

According to Dlisted, it was Gina Gershon’s birthday yesterday – and, honestly, how could I not post this picture of her in the role of a lifetime?

“Do you like brown rice and vegetables?”


from Dlisted


Reagonomics, AIDS, K cars, extra-extra strength Tylenol, shoulder pads, Vice President Dan “Potatoe” Quayle…  Sure, the ’80s had many, many low points…  But there remain some happier legacies of those days of yore…

Whiskers on Kittens and Dancing in Depots…

These are a few of my favorite things.

from Towleroad

Puppy Odysseus

I can’t wait for Kitten Iliad.

from adrian molina via sfist

Just another day at the train station.

Yes, it’s an ad.  It is also perfectly executed and really quite delightful…

If you can Lego there, you can Lego anywhere.

Christoph Niemann has a great set of photos up on the NY Times site.  See the rest here.