Les Liasons de Madge

I rather enjoyed Lady Gaga’s performance at the VMAs.  I mean, yes, the production was a little over-the-top/insane, but that’s pretty much her deal…  Though I did laugh out loud at one comment I saw online about this performance: “DANCERS WANTED: MUST WEAR THONG ON FACE OR BE IN WHEELCHAIR”

But she has a pleasant voice and writes pretty great pop songs with the most amazing hooks…  Seriously, Chris and I both kept randomly blurting out “papa – paparazzi” on our walk home from dinner…

Of course, it also made me reminisce about the all-time best VMA performance ever, namely Madge singing (I mean “singing”) Vogue in court dress. This was perfection…  Well, near-perfection.  As my friend Ron pointed out at the time, the one thing that would’ve made it better is if they’d had headset mikes coming out of those wigs…


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