Why can’t Al Franken be my Senator?

A calm and reasonable discussion about health care reform – WTF?  Are Minnesotans just saner than residents of other states?  This seems unlikely considering that Michele Bachmann has been elected to public office in that state more than once.

Maybe it’s just because Al Franken is likely one of the smarter members of the Senate?  Note for example his use of the correct “preventive” rather than the non-word “preventative.”  I’ve always believed that it’s pretty much impossible to be funny without also being intelligent… (My own Senator Feinstein appears to be neither – though I do ♥ Senator Boxer, even if she does enjoy the theatrics every once and again…  But I digress.)

Whatever the case, imagine how delightful it would be if the citizens of this country could engage in actual discussions of policy rather than simply screaming “Socialist!” – “Teabagger!” – “Hitler!” at one another.

By the way, this video is ten minutes long – but it’s like a ten-minute trip to a spa…  Such a lovely and refreshing change from the shoutiness we’re all so used to hearing when it comes to the debate over health care reform.

from Ana Marie Cox via Gawker


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