Sometimes a marshmallow-covered Froot Loop is just a marshmallow-covered Froot Loop…

I’ve been changing the header image on my site with a little more frequency, no doubt since I’m taking a lot more pictures with my new camera (and I start my photo class in a couple of weeks!).  Here’s my prior image (click to enlarge):


I quite liked this photo – a tight close-up of a marshmallow treat made with Froot Loops.  Chris and I saw it while in NYC.  I thought the colors and the textures made a great composition and that the tight crop really emphasized those details.

At any rate, I just received the following message from my sister:

Why do you have a photo of semen-covered fruit (sic) loops as the banner on your website? It looks disgusting.

Of course, my reply was “Because that’s how I like them…” Though I also asked if she really thought it was that gross…

Yes, it is that gross. It would be OK if it weren’t such a close up and you could see that it is something normal instead of something dirty.

But what say you, dear readers?  I’ve changed the banner to accommodate Sissie’s very delicate sensibilities.  But I’m genuinely curious as to whether anyone else was repulsed by this photo – or if, like me, they thought it was a well-composed and interesting image.


3 responses to “Sometimes a marshmallow-covered Froot Loop is just a marshmallow-covered Froot Loop…

  1. So funny she said that….I thought the EXACT SAME THING. Jizzy Froot Loops. But then again, my mind *is* in the gutter. Great pic, well composed, but jizzy nonetheless….

  2. It had crossed my mind, but I am not one to whine.

    And I kinda wish I could have chosen the last option. Which naturally enough made me google just that, and rest assured your blog did not come (giggle) up in the results I got. But I did get some handy hints relating to semen and altering the taste. Thank you yet again for having an impact upon my life.

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