Green Eggs & Salmon

Just up the street from home is a tiny little place called Farm:Table.  Only ate there one other time, when I was home with my broken elbow, and had a fantastic prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich.  Stopped by again today and ordered salmon with hard-boiled egg and yogurt-dill sauce.  I was expecting something more sandwich-like, rather than the open-faced little morsels I got.  But they were very tasty (the eggs still warm – mmmm…) – and just the right amount since I’ll be dragging my fat-ass to the gym shortly…  Another plus: very handsome tattooed young man placing an order as I left – though I think I might’ve been staring in way that was creepy…  Actually, I guess I’m at the age now where any staring I do would be considered creepy…



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