Dog-Day Afternoon

Il Cane Rosso at lunchtime.

Il Cane Rosso at lunchtime.

Finally got around to trying Il Cane Rosso at the Ferry Plaza a few days ago.  After not too much deliberation (though most everything on the menu sounded good), I had the porchetta sandwich (roast pork, greens and pluot mostarda).  The pork was great – not-too-thinly sliced, juicy, savory with a crispy exterior.  Bitter greens and sweet-spicy mostarda were a good foil – as was the side of bread-and-butter pickles. All in all a fine and tasty sandwich – though at $10, it was not the least expensive take-out I’ve had.

Porchetta sandwich

Porchetta sandwich

I must say, I was sorely tempted by the special of the day: penne with short rib sugo.  But it just seemed too decadent to eat for lunch – though I’ve come to regret my decision to forgo this dish.  Plus, the fact that I only (ha!) got a sandwich was sufficient excuse for me to pick up a banana cream tartlette from Miette…  So much for a demure lunch.

Oh, and if anyone at Il Cane Rosso happens to read this: three tweets a day from a take-out restaurant is too many.  I followed you and then quickly unfollowed you after the messages started piling up…  Once a day is plenty I think…


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