As a queen, don’t I outrank a bishop?


Was reading NYTimes on the bus and came across this: Some Roman Catholic Bishops Assail Health Plan.  Now, that headline should’ve been enough for me to know not to read the damn thing, since I don’t need to set my blood a-boiling first thing in the morning – but I cast caution to the wind…  And was treated to this quote:

No health care reform is better than the wrong sort of health care reform,” Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Sioux City, Iowa, declared in a recent pastoral letter, urging the faithful to call their members of Congress.

Are you shitting me? I can just hear “His Excellency” now, telling a starving man that “no food is better than the wrong kind of food” – y’know, just like Jesus would’ve done.

Of course, their real concern is to guarantee that any federally administered or mandated health care plan must not include any provision that allows women to control their reproductive choices. And Democrats are even trying to ensure that no federal money goes to pay for abortions under the current plan.

(A)ny health insurance plan that does cover abortion — whether government-run or private — would be required to segregate its government subsidies from its patients’ premium payments so that no taxpayer money would pay for the procedure. And all patients would have the choice of plans that do and do not cover it.

While I suppose this is simply a political reality of the times, it’s pretty fucking outrageous.  I don’t get to steer my taxpayer money away from programs that I find immoral (like say the torture of CIA detainees).  Why make an exception for this particular medical procedure?  It’s maddening.  Nevertheless, it’s insufficient for some in the Catholic church, who will only support legislation that specifically prohibits coverage of abortions under any circumstances.

Bishop Nickless then delivers his coup de grâce:

“The Catholic Church does not teach that government should directly provide health care… Any legislation that undermines the vitality of the private sector is suspect.”

So Christ was a laissez-faire capitalist! Thanks for clearing that up – though could you provide some documentation?

Seriously, it makes me wish I believed in Hell, if only to take some comfort from knowing that’s where this jackass would wind up.  I mean seriously, can you just see this a-hole at the pearly gates, explaining to St. Peter that he worked to prevent 50 million people in the U.S. from gaining access to health care because he was concerned about the “vitality of the private sector”?  I can hear the angels all laughing their asses off…


One response to “As a queen, don’t I outrank a bishop?

  1. For crying in the rain, why are they tax exempt? Drives me nuts, it does.

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