South Pacific

Well, it’s been a week since Chris and I saw South Pacific in NYC…  And every day since, I still find myself humming (or more often singing) “Some Enchanted Evening” or “Bali Hai.”  I’ve been lucky enough during my life so far to see many fine and memorable shows performed on Broadway and in San Francisco.  But I don’t recall ever spending a night at the theater as magical as last Friday.  This production was perfection: the cast, the orchestra, the set, the venue, the costumes, Lt. Cable’s bare chest (but I digress…).  And of course the music and lyrics are as lovely as ever.  An enchanted evening indeed and a night I shall remember forever.

When I first thought about a trip to NYC to see a bunch of shows, I brought it up to Chris over dinner – asking if we could maybe go to NYC for my birthday.  His response?  “Sure, let’s go.”  To quote Nellie Forbush, I’m in love with a wonderful guy…

Here’s a little taste of what we got to see – though needless to say, seeing the entire production at Lincoln Center is beyond compare.  Nonetheless, I challenge you not to get the shivers (or if you’re anything like me, the weepies…) when Paulo Szot sings…


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