The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down…

I didn’t schelp my camera around yesterday, so here’s a quck rundown:

Breakfast donwstairs at the Barking Dog – it was adequate.

Park Ave was closed to auto traffic until 2PM – bikes and peds only, so we walked up and around Grand Central, took a left at the Seagram’s Building and went to the matinee of Next to Normal.  It knocked our socks off – can’t recommend this show highly enough.


The kitchen in our hotel room... Actually, part of the installation we saw downtown.

Quick subway ride down to SoHo to the Black Acid Cooperative, where they have a full-building art installation of a meth lab.  It was like a home-made haunted house for grown-ups.

A late lunch in the garden  at Barolo (an amazing house-made burrata con prosciutto followed by an unremarkable insalata Cesare and a just OK tortino de seppie).


"What recession?" Hordes of theater-goers thronging the Palace Theater to see West Side Story.

Then a quick shower at home before West Side Story – which was, in a word, disappointing.  Still very enjoyable – dancing was fantastic, music as lovely as ever and Maria had a beautiful voice.  But Tony was miscast in my view – his singing was too pop; he tended to sound nasal and sang with his head voice rather than his chest.  In other words, he’s no Larry Kert.

And there was a horrible German woman in front of us, who was continually translating what was happening onstage to her decidedly unsightly child. Chris and I both asked her separately to stop talking – which minimized, but did not stop, the offending chatter.  Plus, she gave me a dirty look – like I was being unreasonable.  The usher was called during intermission…   That seemed to do the trick.  I was tempted to announce loudly, “Wasn’t it bad enough that you exterminated six million of my relatives?  Now you have to ruin West Side Story?”  But that seemed out a bit out of proportion to the situation.


Chris racks 'em up.

Then a whirlwind of gay bars with a liberal smattering of hot bartenders, followed by a good night’s sleep.  Up and at ’em today – going to Katz’s Deli and Billy Elliott…


One response to “The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down…

  1. I KNOW I should not be laughing with such mirth at the “you killed my relatives” comment, I KNOW I should not………

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