Yes, I’m blogging from 35,000 feet.

Updating my blog while flying – exciting!  But also – not so much!  Because flying is really boring…  I am happy to report, however, that Chris and I managed to get what appears to be the only free middle seat on the plane – God, there really is nothing better than seeing that airplane door close while there’s an empty seat next to you…

The crew on the plane is 100% sausage-fest.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that! Just not sure I’ve ever been on a flight with an all-male crew – and only one of the three cabin attendants appears to be a queen.  The times they are a-changin’…

We also departed on time – despite some confusion with seating arrangements for some other passengers.  Despite having boarding passes that indicated they were seated in 19D and 21F, they chose to sit in seats 7E and 7F.  The passengers assigned to 7E and 7F were a bit puzzled, but it got sorted out quickly enough.  But really?  Did the interlopers really think no one would notice?  Or were they just obtuse?  Eh, whatever – I’m still savoring the empty seat to my right.

Anyhoo, on-time departure means we should arrive at JFK at 3PM, giving us plenty of time to see a play tonight.  We’re hoping to get tickets to Mary Stuart – Queen Elizabeth vs. Mary, Queen of Scots – a story I never tire of, despite knowing how it turns out (spoiler alert: not well for Mary).  That’ll make it five shows in four days…  A true gay-stravaganza weekend.

Hate to post without a picture or video to spice things up – but the onboard photo I took of myself using my laptop is not flattering.  Kind of like one of those grainy shots of Bigfoot, only instead of Bigfoot it’s Rosa Klebb… And yes, I am wearing my poison-tipped shoe.

So, instead: funny dogs!


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