I’ve solved health care reform.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph – have you seen the crazies at the town hall meetings to “discuss” (i.e. shout down any discussion of) health care reform?  Now, while I may disagree with those who oppose making any changes to our current system to deliver health care (to those lucky enough to have insurance), I think that some opponents have legitimate concerns about the current plan.  But not these people…

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video lifted from this post on Gawker

I love the Fox news reader referring to these fucktards as “informed and articulate”…  That is rich.

For example, the first dame going on about the 74-year old man with cancer who will have healthcare withheld – presumably by the “Death Panels” (I assume they’ll also be in charge of the mandatory baby-killing that is also a major part of the current reform plan) that the astroturfers are shreeing about.

Actually, I think it’s really sad that we can’t have a public discourse about end-of-life health care.  Today, that 74-year-old man with cancer will receive extraordinary levels of care and treatment to extend his life – in the hospital, surrounded by strangers, hooked up to machines and undergoing painful and invasive procedures.  And this might extend his life by only several weeks.

But what if he were given other options?  The option to forgo treatments?  To stay in his own home?  To have his family by his side?  No one is suggesting that one course of treatment is the “right” choice – only that patients should have the facts to make the decision that is right for them…

Of course, regardless of this hypothetical dude’s decision, the new “Death Panels” will just swoop in and kill him proactively, so I guess the point is moot.

At any rate, back to my solution: those who oppose health care reform may opt out.  We’ll throw them a bone or something (maybe a $500 annual tax credit), so they can be assured that none of their hard-earned dollars are going to provide health care to brown people, murdering fetuses or euthanizing old white people.

But once you opt out, that’s it. You don’t get to change your mind. Ever. You lost your insurance?  Too bad – you’ll need to pay for any doctor or hospital visit before any services are rendered.  Can’t afford it?  Oh well – looks like your decision to opt out was a bit shortsighted, wasn’t it?

And no exceptions either.  You show up bleeding at the ER, you’d better have insurance or one of those large sacks with a “$” on the side stuffed with cash.  Otherwise you get no treatment – not even a Band-Aid.  And the triage nurse will escort you out while saying, “Nyah, nyah, nyah.”

Then, as you lie on the sidewalk, trying but slowly failing to keep pressure on your peskily spurting artery, you think to yourself, “Gee, maybe I was wrong.  Maybe it would be a good thing if everyone in this country had access to decent health care.  Maybe the ideas enshrined in the Declaration of Independence – that ‘all men are created equal’ and that ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ are inalienable rights – really are worthy and noble and that the government should be doing all it can to preserve, protect and defend those ideas.  And maybe, if I can just stanch the flow of blood from my arm, I’ll turn over a new leaf.  I’ll work to make real reforms in the way our country works – rather than just blindly following the latest shouting points provided by Rush Limbaugh.  And isn’t Rush Limbaugh enormously wealthy?  Maybe his interests aren’t the same as my own.  Maybe I’ll start thinking independently, and reading and studying so I can have an informed opinion on issues that are important to me.  And maybe…”

And then you die.

Oh, and when you die, that’s it.  No angels, no harps, no smiling Jesus high-fiving you for your intolerance-disguised-as-piety, no tunnel with a bright light at the end with long-dead relatives and Santa Claus beckoning you forward…  You’re just dead and all is oblivion. The end.



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