R.I.P. John Hughes

Chris and I just caught the last half of Sixteen Candles on one of the movie channels last week.  It’s quite amazing how the movie still works so well.  Yes, part of its appeal is the ’80s flashbacks for hair, clothes and music.  But the film also stands the test of time: Molly Ringwald as the charmingly jolie-laide birthday girl;  Anthony Michael Hall’s cringingly accurate portrayal of the leader of the nerds; the comedy gold of Joan Cusack at the water fountain in her back brace; and the completely authentic depiction of teenage angst and agony that brought both Chris and me right back to our awkward years in high school…

In reading the various tributes to John Hughes online, someone pointed to a scene from She’s Having a Baby (a movie I’ve never seen).  I was surprised to find out that one of my favorite Kate Bush songs was not only used to great effect here – it was actually written specifically for the scene after John Hughes sent her a clip and asked her to come up with something.  It’s a quite marvelous collaboration.  And do keep in mind that if you’re a sap like me, get out your handkerchiefs before watching…


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  1. Beautiful…….

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