Hey, batter, batter!

I’ve finally started going to the gym again – so I’m also catching up on many episodes of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me podcasts.

Doug GlanvilleDoug Glanville, former major league baseball player, was on Wait, Wait last weekend – and he told a really great story.  Apparently, when he signed with the Phillies after playing for the Cubs, the local fans in Philadelphia really did their homework on him.  Glanville had attended Penn, where he’d majored in engineering – and his senior thesis was to design a new ballpark at the 30th St. Station in Philadelphia.  Armed with this knowledge, a fan in the stadium who was unhappy with Glanville’s .180 batting average at the start of the season, yelled from the stands, “Hey Glanville!  Why don’t you design a stadium you can hit in?”

Seriously, that has to be the all-time best heckle in a ball park.

And speaking of Wait, Wait, Mo Rocca won the prize for best line of the show this week, responding to an item about ads on the moon.   A 45-second clip is below.  Have a listen.

Ads on the Moon


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