What goes around does not apparently come around…

I never do good deeds with the intent of trying to tip the karmic scales in my favor…  But after last weekend, I thought I was due for a little of the good stuff.  To wit:

good-karmaOn Saturday, I helped two ladies in from the ‘burbs, searching for the Orpheum Theater (for a matinee of “Wicked”).  They were on the corner of Post and Mason, so they were not quite on the right track.  They wanted to walk – and they had plenty of time to do so – though I was sure to advise that while the walk to the theater was by no means dangerous, it was one of the less pleasant routes through the city.  So, I also described the two MUNI options that would get them there – and agreed that a taxi would be easy and not expensive.

This isn’t much of “good deed” on my part, though – I guess it’s one of the ways that I show my pride in San Francisco.  The City is not perfect (not even close) but I do love it – and I’m always happy to give directions or (better yet) tell some out-of-towners where to go for dinner (or where not to go…).  Yes, I realize it’s out-of-character for a hardcore misanthrope such as myself – I suppose I’m influenced by the fact that I’ve been the grateful recipient of the kindness of strangers when I’m in a new city, so why not keep the karmic circle intact?

On Sunday, after a late breakfast and a trip to the Renegade Craft Fair, Chris and I were walking toward the Castro when we encountered Jack the dog.  He was out for a walk and appeared to be alone – despite his collar and tags.  He seemed to know where he was going, but we couldn’t really just leave him.  We tried calling the numbers on the tag, but got an answering machine.  Luckily, though, Jack’s address was also on the tag and it was just around the block.

So, off the three of us went, Jack waddling along beside us contentedly, until we got back to the flat listed as the address.  The front door was open and Jack headed up the stairs.  Chris ran up to make sure the dog belonged there and his visibly-stoned-but-very-grateful owner confirmed that he did.

Oh, and after we continued our walk to the Castro, Chris also picked up an errant sock, tossed by a toddler from his stroller,  and returned it the parents.  And yes I’m taking credit for this too, just because I happened to be there…

So why then has this week turned out to be so very irritating?  By 10:30 Tuesday morning, I had declared the week both interminable and insufferable.  It wasn’t just any one thing – lots of tiny things, piling up on one another: the more annoying of my colleagues ramped up their annoying-ness to new levels; the woman in front of me at the soup place who held up the whole line at every step of her transaction; the slack-jawed numb-skulls milling about in the lobby of 1 Market, yukking it up and completely oblivious to the fact that they were blocking everybody trying to go in or out; the freak who lives in the apartment below us who is stinking up the whole third floor with his over-abundance of Glade Plug-ins; the California budget-crisis-and-nude-beach-crackdown; the cold and the damp; the fact that I spent most of Friday setting up a new e-mail template for work, then stupidly over-wrote the data with another e-mail and had to start again from scratch; that our apartment remains in semi-shambles due to the ongoing saga of the new electric heaters being installed.

Meh – I guess I’m just extra-crabby…  It’s really the same trials and tribulations I suffer through week in and week out.  But they seemed to weigh more heavily this week.

I suppose things can only get better.  I am taking Monday off, so I have a nice long three-day weekend to look forward to…  And I have physical therapy this afternoon, meaning I get to leave work early and should be home by 6:00 with a glass of wine in my hand and an 18-pound cat in my lap…  And that’s certainly nothing to complain about.

Oh, and there was a highlight of the week…  Getting to tell the classic “Mrs. Prussy” joke…  That one never gets old.


One response to “What goes around does not apparently come around…

  1. Mrs. Prussy made my week, glad/sad to say.

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