So, following in the tradition of my father and grandfather, I have taken up SLR photography.  It’s the perfect hobby – lots of technical knowledge required and a virtually unlimited supply of expensive equipment…  I have no idea what I’m doing (what exactly is depth-of-field?  And the only aperture settings I know about aren’t on a camera – if you get my drift…).  Nonetheless, I squeezed off a couple of good shots right out of the box – and I’ll be taking a photography class come September.

Oh, and I promise to start blogging again on a regular basis.  Since I was mown down by a speeding Mazda my unfortunate bicycle accident, there’s been little to report – other than “Discharge from wound seems to be lessening”; “Rash in armpit”; and “Ow.”  But I feel as close to normal as I have in sometime and the physical therapy I just started (with the very-hunky-but-stubbornly-clothed therapist) should have me back in shape by the time we head to NYC in August.  Anyhoo, enjoy the photos…  There’ll be plenty more…






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