Day starting off nicely – seriously.

krispy_kreme_glazed_doughnutBumped into a friend on my way to work this morning and stopped to catch up a bit.  I knew she’d just moved, so I inquired as to where her new place is – and it’s on Beaver Street!  Now it’s pretty hard to beat simply living on Beaver St. (not only because of the name, but it’s actually quite a charming little tree-lined street).  But she is not simply living at any old place on Beaver – she’s at 8 Beaver!  And she’s a lesbian! Talk about kismet…

Not to mention that fact that anytime we ever walk down that street, I always say when we pass # 8, “Gee, I hope some lesbian lives there…”  And now I know that one does!

Maybe someday my own dream will come true and I’ll move to 4 Uranus.  Oh, Uranus Street…  We’d pass it all the time as kids, with my mom behind the wheel of her ’72 Ford Torino and without fail we’d all start screaming, “Drive up Uranus! Drive up Uranus!”  Good times…

Anyhoo, then I got to work.  And what do I find in the kitchen, as I go in to toast my 7-grain-and-flax-seed bread?  Two giant cartons of Krispy Kreme donuts.

So, yes, this day is looking pretty darn good so far.  Now if only Sprint would call me and tell me that my new Palm Pre is finally in stock and ready for pickup…


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