Which came first – the chicken or the horror chicken?

For some reason, the Sweet Sue company has chosen to offer for sale a product called “Canned Whole Chicken.”  And, regrettably, that is exactly what it is: a whole chicken inside of a can.

Things start off innocently enough:


It actually looks quite tasty – just add some stuffing and – voila! – you’ve got home-style goodness.

Of course the reality is somewhat different than the rather – how shall I say this? – optimistic image on the can’s exterior.

Before clicking through to see the contents of the can, please keep in mind that once seen, it cannot be unseen.  You’ve been warned…


There are plenty more pictures from the brave woman who performed this experiment – including her roasting of the bird, per the instructions provided.

And if you really want to flirt with insanity, check out her report on canned Pork Brains with Milk Gravy – which contain (I shit you not) 3190 mg. of cholesterol – which is 1060% of the recommended daily intake value…  It’s actually more spine-chilling than vomit-inducing…

from I Hate My Messageboard


2 responses to “Which came first – the chicken or the horror chicken?

  1. why oh why did you post this? you know I had to look and I so so so regret it. ugh.

  2. Thank you ever so much. I coped fine with the chicken, which I realise raises issues regarding MY mental health, but the pork brains? I feel I may lose the lining of my stomach any minute now. Do Pork Brains come with THERAPY????

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