Why, Annoying Man Who Works in My Building?

grumpy2So, I am schlepping up to my office after an uneventful-but-still-annoying MUNI ride; my arm remains in a sling, so my jacket is zipped over it, making it feel as though I’m in a demi-straightjacket; and it’s starting to rain.  In other words, it’s a really great morning and I don’t feel at all crabby…

I make my usual bacon purchase at the cafeteria in our building – and as I’m headed to the elevator, the jackass behind me (the same one who’d held up the line for the cashier with his incessant chit-chatting about nothing with anyone having the misfortune to be in his vicinity) was whistling.  That’s right – whistling.

Now, whistling, as we all know, is unacceptable in and of itself.  But not only was he whistling – he was whistling “Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go.”

Unfortunately, the music from “There Will Be Blood” is not especially whistle-able – so I was unable to respond appropriately…


One response to “Why, Annoying Man Who Works in My Building?

  1. My Marine Drill Sergeant in OCS once yelled at me that “only fools and Ensigns whistle in the Navy”.

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