Emergency! Emergency!

faxSo, while I was being transported by ambulance to SF General, the paramedic looking after  me made some calls for me (Chris, my dad, my office).  Oddly, though, my dad’s line was busy – this despite his having call waiting.  Turns out, he keeps the phone off the hook until he gets up in the morning to ensure he is not disturbed…  you know, like every normal person does…

At any rate, the next day, he sent out the following email to my sisters and me:

If our phone is off the hook and you get a busy signal, call the fax number which is:

(415) 668-XXXX

This is only for dire emergencies.
The phone is off the hook form 10:45pm until I get out of the shower, which can be as late as 11:00am.


Oh, and the emphasis on “dire” was included in the email…

And thus began the following correspondence…

So we are supposed to fax you if there is an emergency?  Annie


A fax machine is no longer connected to that line.  Dad


Then how will you get the emergency fax?  Annie


I think Dad’s e-mail has caused some confusion.  Let me try to assist.  Here are some examples of emergencies:

  • One of dad’s cats is missing and dad is home to look for them.
  • One of us needs a pint of dad’s blood for a transfusion and we happen to be in a hospital close to where dad and Linda are eating dinner.
  • Dad’s computer is not working.
  • The power goes out in the house and all of us are home and just sit in the dark doing nothing.
  • Linda injures herself to the extent she is unable to cook.
  • None of us are answering our home or cell phones while Dad is trying to get a hold of us.
  • Dad is home alone and is lonely.
  • Someone is blocking Dad and Linda’s driveway.

Here are examples of non-emergencies:

  • One of us is dead.
  • One of us is about to die and cannot be reached before death.
  • One of us needs a blood transfusion with a universally available blood type.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Love,  Krissy

Of course, we all had a good laugh over the explanation of what constitututes an emergency…  while also acknowledging that, from Dad’s point of view, it’s all completely accurate.


2 responses to “Emergency! Emergency!

  1. Dad agrees.

  2. So classic, I remember getting in trouble for calling the house before 10 on a weekend!

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