No Marriage for You, Homos!

The California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Proposition 8 was obviously disappointing to me – but not really unexpected. I guess I’m having a difficult time getting into a lather about it for several reasons… I suppose this is largely because the decision did not really come as a surprise, especially given the nature of the questions the justices asked when the case was argued (they apparently view the people as sovereign – even when the people amend the constitution in such a way as to violate  Article I, Section 7(b) of said document).

And then there’s the complete weirdness and inconsistency of the two decisions: yes, it’s OK to exclude a class of people from getting married; but members of that class who got married during it’s brief window of legality may remain married – despite the fact that the very fact of their being married violates the state’s constitution. Huh? How did the justices manage to wrap their brains around this disconnect? Not that I disagree with the decision – but I don’t see how we can logically have one without the other.

But ultimately, I think I’m OK because this won’t stand. It might take a year or two – but I will eventually have the right to marry my partner here in California. I don’t like waiting – but considering it was something that just a few years ago seemed doubtful that I’d see in my lifetime, I can continue to have some patience.

For some reason, this photo from SFist really struck me. Yes, we gays still have a ways to go before we are guaranteed fair and equal treatment under the law – but look how far we’ve come… Quite a different police response than the one 30 years ago during the “White Night” riots.

Gay Marriage

San Francisco police officer Len Broberg, right, hugs Doug Mezzacapo, left, a married gay man, in front of San Francisco City Hall.

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma


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