OMG – I cannot wait until it’s 1980!  So cool…

Seriously though – am I the only one who remembers the show “UFO” from the early ’70s? It’s from the same folks who brought us “Thunderbirds” and “Space 1999” (another favorite of mine).  I loved it as a kid and just seeing the opening sequence again has me tempted to purchased the DVD box set.  Not sure whether I should be embarrassed or proud – but I still have my Dinky die-cast SHADO Interceptor (with launching missile).  And if you don’t know what a SHADO Interceptor is (but then really, who doesn’t?), here they are in action.  For reals, why couldn’t 1980 have been more like this..?

At any rate, apparently a movie version is in the works.  Please don’t ruin my childhood memories of this super-groovy show…

from io9


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