They Can Rebuild Me – They Have The Technology

Thank you, modern pharmaceuticals!

Thank you, modern pharmaceuticals!

So I had surgery on Monday – and apparently all went well. I felt OK afterwards, due largely to the massive amounts of drugs I’d been given.  On Tuesday, however, the drugs had worn off and I must say I was having a pretty rough time of it – even with the Percocet.  But I made it, despite much gnashing of teeth, moaning and screaming (seriously, they all help).

Physically, I feel a bit better each day than the last.  Can’t say the same for the boredom and loneliness – they seem to increase each day.  Trying my best not to feel sorry for myself, but it can be a challenge, since all the things I enjoy doing are currently either impossible (e.g. playing Rock Band; preparing dinner; bathing myself) or very difficult (this whole “typing with one hand” thing, for example, is complete bullshit). But I’m hoping I’ll be sufficiently improved this weekend to maybe go out for a walk, see a movie or do some grocery shopping – you know, the glamorous life.

And to answer the most-often-asked question about this photo: no, I was not required to wear a catcher’s mitt during surgery.  That is, in fact, my actual hand.

And the answer to the second-most-asked question: no, I did not intentionally try to include a nipple in every photo of this ordeal.


2 responses to “They Can Rebuild Me – They Have The Technology

  1. Hang in their poor li’l Brothie!

  2. Is it wrong for a stalker to send love? 😉 Heal fast, OK? This one handed typing and thus less blogging, is reducing my enjoyment, too……… And it is ALL about me!

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