What did you do for Bike To Work Day?

I rode my bike to work, just like I do most days…  Unfortunately (and somewhat ironically – you know, like rain on your wedding day), I was hit by a car whilst riding. So not only did I not go to work, most of the riding I did was by ambulance. I have a broken left elbow and I’m seeing the orthopedic surgeon later this morning…  And BTW, typing with one hand sucks. I may have to make Chris start taking dictation…

Judging from the look on my face, they'd just upped my painkillers...


6 responses to “What did you do for Bike To Work Day?

  1. hah. you said dictation.

  2. Why did you have to be nude to get a cast put on your arm?

  3. You have got to be joking. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING!!!! Weren’t we just talking about bike accidents?!?! You’ve got some shitty luck, kiddo…

  4. Oh friend, what next?! First you come down with SARS/Swine flu this past winter and now this! I think your ER pic is kinda sexy though. xxoo

  5. Nice nipple, big boy. Sorry you got collected, at least your face is still purty?
    Seriously (and enjoy it, it won’t last, my seriousness) MY Chris has had this happen to him 3 times, last time nearly killed him! Please, be cautious, we need your humour………..

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