Do Ask, Do Tell – And Call the White House Today

danchoiLieutenant Daniel Choi, a founding member of Knights Out, an organization of out lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) West Point Alumni, received a letter from the Department of the Army on April 23, discharging him from the Army due to his sexual orientation.  Today, he published an open letter to President Obama and to all members of Congress, which reads in part:

I have personally served for a decade under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: an immoral law and policy that forces American soldiers to deceive and lie about their sexual orientation. Worse, it forces others to tolerate deception and lying. These values are completely opposed to anything I learned at West Point. Deception and lies poison a unit and cripple a fighting force.

As an infantry officer, an Iraq combat veteran and a West Point graduate with a degree in Arabic, I refuse to lie to my commanders. I refuse to lie to my peers. I refuse to lie to my subordinates. I demand honesty and courage from my soldiers. They should demand the same from me.

It frankly boggles the mind that as the United States is in the midst of fighting two wars, highly qualified individuals are being booted from the military.  Dan Choi is both a combat veteran and an Arab linguist  – exactly the type of soldier we need in the Army.

I hope you’ll join me today in calling the White House switchboard at 202-456-1111 and urging President Obama not to fire Lt. Dan Choi; and to keep his promise to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

from CNN via Towleroad


2 responses to “Do Ask, Do Tell – And Call the White House Today

  1. Amazing!! What a hypocritical organization the National Guard shows itself to be in this situation. Completely contradicting it’s own bylaws. Kudos to Daniel Cho for following the rules at such great risk. And shame on the National Guard!!

  2. Saroj Gilbert

    I have written to President Obama, Dept. of Defense, my two U.S. Senators (including Jim Webb), and my U.S. Congressman. I will begin calling the White House regularly to encourage Obama to do the right thing and no longer delay in correcting this wrong. It is not only a wrong against the servicemen who are being unfairly discharged, but it is a wrong against the citizens of this country to lose these valuable resources.

    Kudos to Lt. Choi for speaking out so publicly and thus bringing needed attention to this serious issue.

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