The Naked Ape



Just saw something online about “Ashes”, a “naked” chimpanzee at a zoo in India.  The linked article mentioned another chimp, “Cinder”, at the St. Louis zoo with the same condition, i.e. alopecia universalis.  Rather fascinating looking apes and, as was pointed out, an amazing opportunity to see the underlying musculature of a chimp.

I thought it was also very interesting to find out that Cinder was fully accepted within her chimpanzee community, despite her unusual appearance.

Sadly, Cinder died just a couple of months ago, at the young age of 14, due to an undiagnosed heart condition.  Read more about her here.


5 responses to “The Naked Ape

  1. When will it be possible for us to eat these hairless creatures? Yes, eat them. they would most likely help reduce hunger in the developing world.

    • errm, NO!

      While people like me work tirelessly to get our CLOSEST species relatives the rights they deserve, people like YOU advocate EATING them.

      you are scum.

  2. What?? After eating all of the monkeys, the people in the developing countries will still be hungry, but the monkeys will no be there anymore.

  3. we will eat chimps not too long before we start eating our fellow humans.

  4. RoseMarie Smallwood

    Ashes wouldn’t be shunned or ashamed if you’d put some clothes on him. He’s as embarrassed as you would be if you were stripped naked and put in public.

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