Why, Juror From Some Other Trial?

mb-games-hungry-hipposI’ll give the SF court some credit for doing their best to make jury service as tolerable as possible.  The phone-in line to check status is well-designed and convenient; not being required to show up for more than one day (unless one is selected to serve) is far superior to the olden days of showing up day after day all week; and the jury assembly room replete with electrical outlets and wi-fi is great, as it allows me to both work and blog during breaks from the trial.

But I guess there’s not much they can do about my being forced to rub elbows with the hoi-polloi.  Yesterday, for example, while attempting to catch up on my email, there  was someone seated just behind me making lots of noise while eating – crackling cellophane, smacking lips, slurping, chomping, licking fingers, sighing, grunting.  In other words, disgusting.  And capped off once the feast was finished with a no-attempt-to-disguise-it-or-be-discreet-about-it belch – I shit you not.

So today, I was back in the jury assembly room finishing my lunch.  I’d made sure to find myself an unoccupied corner, as far from everyone else as possible.   But after a few minutes, I noticed a rather noisome presence behind me – crackling, smacking, slurping.  Yes, my friend from yesterday had apparently sought me out, making sure to sit as close to me as possible again.  Only today, he seems to have also picked up a touch of SARS – so in addition to a repeat of yesterday’s symphony of gluttony, I was treated to an encore of sniffling, snorting, hawking and wheezing.  It was charming and not-at-all gag-inducing…


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