Storm’s a-brewin’… The gayest storm you’ve ever seen…

I suppose you’ve all seen this by now, but it’s worth putting up again.  Seriously, this commercial is so ridiculous, so riddled with lies, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Mostly though, I’m laughing, thanks in part to the sad audition tapes. UPDATE: The video of the audition tapes that I linked to originally  got pulled from YouTube after after the “National Organization for Marriage” (a.k.a. NOM…  om, nom, nom, nom) yelled copyright infringement.

Oh and then there’s this:


This map shows the year in which voters of a particular state are likely to defeat existing bans on gay marriage, based on several key indicators – though my reading of it is basically gay marriage for all, once the old bigots die.  Hooray for the youngs!

Of course, we gays are already discussing at the meetings when we should start implementation of the next phase of our gay agenda: mandatory gay marriage for all.  But this should be easy enough to achieve, since we’re surpassing our goals for recruitment of children…

from FiveThirtyEight via Gawker

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