The horror, the horror…

Gizmodo asked their readers to submit photos of their disastrous workspaces…  And here are the “winners”…  By which I mean “losers”…  By which I mean “even looking at these photographs is actually causing me to go insane and is also giving me hives”…  Shudder.



I honestly can’t decide which is worse.  The first photo, in addition to being a disaster area, also looks like it’s in the basement from “Silence of the Lambs”.  And what’s with all of the cords plugged into the ceiling?

But the second one is seriously pathological – one can’t even get the chair close to the desk because the floor is knee-deep in detritus.  And let’s not even mention that the whole room is a tinder box, just waiting to spontaneously combust…

Oh my god – I have to end this post now…  Looking at these photographs is making me light-headed…

Click here to see the other contestants – if you can bear it…


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