The Majesty of Nature – Plus Tons of Good Restaurants

I was getting ready for work last week and my crazy kitty-cat was acting weirder than usual.  He was crouched on top of my laundry hamper, making that odd quacking noise that all cats seem to make when they see birds or other potential prey frolicking about outside.  Only his quacking seemed more intense than usual…  So I peered out the window and saw this.


Yes, it was one of our friendly neighborhood falcons red-tailed hawks.  And both the cat and I were  fascinated, as the large bird sat there, giving serious stink-eye to some of the pigeons that passed by.  I was hoping to see a kill, but no such luck.  And once I’d opened the blinds all the way, kitty found something else to do.  I think he realized that he was probably looking pretty succulent to Mr. Falcon Hawk…

UPDATE: My sister the birder has advised that this looks more like a red-tailed hawk.  And she’s the expert.  Despite this not being a falcon, George and Gracie are in fact back on I’m guessing that this may in fact be George, of George and Gracie, who are back on Falcon Cam*.  Gracie is currently incubating a clutch of four eggs.

It is always pretty amazing seeing one (or two) of these birds soaring above my head during lunch or just hanging out in the ‘Loin.  I do live in an amazing city.

*I had some difficulty viewing the live feed due to my firewall settings. You may need to add the IP to your trusted zone.

One response to “The Majesty of Nature – Plus Tons of Good Restaurants

  1. Did you show this to Mikey?

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