Why, Not-Carrie-Bradshaws?


Judging from the lack of cameras, film crews, craft services table and, most notably, Manolo Blahniks, I had not inadvertently stumbled into the filming of the opening sequence of “Sex and the City: San Francisco.” Why, then, were these dames walking four abreast on the sidewalk? At lunchtime? Near my office? While I am trying to get my lunch? Which requires me to walk on the sidewalk, something made well-nigh impossible by this wall of humanity spanning the width of my path forward?

And they were definitely a foursome, despite the two on the left appearing to be slightly in the lead. I know this because I stalked and photographed observed them for the entire block, fulfilling  my role as citizen-journalist and righter-of-wrongs.

I’m still not sure what that one in the green hooded jacket was up to – but she was definitely up to  something…

One response to “Why, Not-Carrie-Bradshaws?

  1. where’s a hand grenade when you need one

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