“Honey, could you pass me that magazine when you’re done?”

So many captions…

– “Do you have to stare at me like that?  It’s creeping me out…”

– “I think you missed a spot…”

– Knock, knock.  “Um, could the three of us please have some privacy?  Jeez…”

– “This is Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise.  We are now circling Uranus, searching for Klingons.”

– “Somebody light a match…  Actually, make that three matches.”

– “Well, one”s a toilet, one’s a bidet and…  Oh, alright – they’re all toilets.”

– “C’mon – really?  All three seats are wet?”

– “Calgon, take me away!”

And I can’t stop wondering which of these three locations is the “worst seat in the house,” as it were…  Well, all of them, I guess.

Not to mention – brown?

So many questions…  So very many things so very, very wrong…

from failblog.org


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