Store of Mystery

Popped into the neighborhood superette on the way home last night to pick up a desperately needed bottle of wine…  Corner stores and bodegas always have a rather fascinating assortment of goods…  To wit…

Off-brand Christmas cookies, next to unboxed cylinders of Ritz crackers.  And shouldn’t those cookies at least be marked down?  It was almost as if they’d recently replenished their supply of out-of-season transfat-laden treats…  And who buys them?  Puzzled non-Christian foreigners?  Sight-impaired shoppers with a sweet tooth?  Stoners with the munchies?  Oh – yeah… Stoners.  Duh.


Now I’m the first to admit that I occasionally need a can of tomato sauce or some jalapenos after either forgetting to buy them at the “real” market or because I’ve run out.  But I have never needed six pounds of either – ever…  And judging from the thick layer of dirt on the cans, neither has anyone else.  Though I must say that if I were looking for a six-pound can of jalapenos, the first place I’d look would be next to the Red Vines…



One response to “Store of Mystery

  1. I’ll never forget seeing a dust-covered sanitary napkin belt at the corner store. I had previously only read about such things in “Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret”.

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