Ladies and Gentlemen… Kittens.

This is fantastic…  I see a brilliant career ahead for this kid – something along the lines of Bjork-meets-Amy-Sedaris.

And I’m already wanting a t-shirt that says “We are wine bottles.”

from Dlisted


4 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen… Kittens.

  1. Eric, you totally made my day. Love this!!

  2. Thank your entertaining my six year old son. It was perhaps more entertaining to watch him being entertained…….. No, who am I kidding, Fluffy baby felines screaming, what could be better? Oh, i know, fluffy felines “going potty”!!!!!!!!!

  3. Psssssssssssssssssssssss… Which is the exact sound effect my sisters and I used to simulate peeing when we were growing up… Does your son use that? Although I guess he’d be doing it counter-clockwise…

  4. i have to watch this everytime i come to your blog, which is, of course, daily. I WANT BEEF JERKY!

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