Mrs. Potato Head To Run for Governor

So, that headline is a dig at Meg Whitman’s job prior to heading up eBay – which was at Hasbro, overseeing global management and marketing of the Mr. Potato Head brand – seriously…  But the fact that her head is, in fact, somewhat potato-shaped and, more distressingly, quite similar to a potato in both texture and color is justice of some kind – either comic or poetic…

meg potato

When I first saw this photo of Ms. Whitman on Gawker’s Valleywag, I thought to myself, “Leave it to Gawker to find a really hideously unflattering photo of someone they’re posting about…”  Imagine my surprise when I found that this is the picture from her campaign website!  Really?  This is the best “vote for me” photo you could come up with?

As an aspiring rich person myself (i.e. I buy lottery tickets), I am offended by wealthy people who aren’t attractive.  I mean, come on – if you just don’t care how you look or have bad taste, then hire a stylist, find a decent hairdresser and check into a spa (regular or “extra-strength”, if you know what I mean…) every now and again.  It’s just common courtesy — like saying “excuse me” after you fart.

As for political decision-making, her track record isn’t exactly confidence-inspiring…  She was finance co-chair for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign…  When that fizzled, she signed on to John “Walnuts!” McCain’s campaign as national co-chair.   (Note to self: don’t visit the race track with Meg Whitman).

Oh, and she did come out swinging in favor of Proposition 8, earning her the enmity of pretty much every one of her former employees at eBay and most of the movers-and-shakers in Silicon Valley.  And from the looks of that ‘do, she also really pissed off her hairdresser…


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