Well this was unexpected.

polyesterAs many of you may or may not know, one of my many endearing nicknames for Chris is “Pickles”.  In fact, that’s what I used as the name of his iPod when I set it up in iTunes.  So, when I had to name my own iPod, I went with “Prickles” – it’s similar while it also embraces my rather more piquant demeanor…

So anyhoo, last night I was setting up my PlayStation Network account (Nerd Alert! Nerd Alert!) and had to choose a screen name – and Prickles seemed the way to go.  Of course, when I tried it, I got a message that Prickles was already in use.  Not too big a surprise really…  I figured I’d need a suffix or something.

So I tried PricklesSF.  Nope.

Prickles_SF.  Sorry.

PricklesSanFran.  Error.

SFPrickles.  Occupied.

Prickles3000.  Taken

Prickles_3000. Unavailable.

Prickles2020.  Gone.

Seriously?  Every iteration of Prickles has been taken?  I still find this very odd.  Chris was convinced I was somehow doing it wrong…  So I tried ChacunASonGout and it was available.  But I decided it was a bit cerebral for the PS Network.

So then I tried a truly excellent screen name that I was positive would be unavailable – because with the many millions of PS users, who wouldn’t want this screen name?  But lo and behold it went right through.  And so, from last night forward, I shall be known to all in the PS Network as CuddlesKovinsky.

Apparently, the youngs are not so familiar with the oeuvre of John Waters.


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