I’ve never been so outraged by a throw pillow.

credopillow16ins9Is it just me, or is this the worst pillow on earth?  Seriously, if one possessed any of the qualities listed on this pillow, wouldn’t that preclude one from buying the wretched thing?  And if one were the type of person to buy such a pillow, wouldn’t it just be easier and more straightforward to get a pillow emblazoned with “I’m a huge douche”? In Helvetica of course.  You know, so it’s cool…

Though I can see this pillow as being quite useful.  For example, if one were on a date and returned to the abode of the object one’s affection and spied this pillow on the sofa, one would know to immediately end the date – unless of course one’s date was super hot.  In which case you’d wait until after having sexy times to break off the budding-yet-clearly-doomed-as-evidenced-by-possession-of-this-horror-pillow relationship.


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