Why, queen?

bagels1Ugh…  As if this morning didn’t start off annoyingly enough what with having to leave my bike at home (rain in the forecast), being out of bread (thus necessitating a trip to Noah’s for a bagel) and then missing the bus (though I suppose not having to ride MUNI is always a blessing, even it it did mean hoofing it to the office…), there had to be some annoying queen in front of me at the bagel shop.

And the only reason he was in front of me is because he went out of his way to be sure to rush in front of me when I entered the establishment.  He’d been mulling over the wide variety of juices from the fridge next to the entrance, at what appeared to be a quite leisurely pace.

But as soon as I had one foot in the place, he grabbed the closest container of juice and sprinted (okay, rapidly sashayed is more like it) in front of me at the ordering counter.  This was annoying, of course. What was far more annoying is that he placed an order for some type of elaborate sandwich, which had many topping and side options that had to be decided amongst and about the ingredients of which he had many questions.

The fact that I already had my currency in my hand and that my mouth was open, the first words of my standard order “Everything toasted with plain, to go” literally on the tip of my tongue, should have given him a clue that my going ahead of him was not going to be a significant impediment to his ordering his fancy bagel sandwich.

So, next time, just keep contemplating those juices rather than frenziedly prancing pell-mell in a mad rush to get in front of some crabby and embittered old queen who just wants to get his goddamn bagel without having to stand behind you, listening to you asking about whether the establishment in question serves light cream cheese or what kind of bagels are available or while you knit your brows in concentration faced with deciding between coleslaw and potato salad at 8:00 in the morning.

Because next time, I swear I’m taking a picture and posting it…


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