Jesus, what a mess…

eucharistThere was a rather interesting article in the NYTimes about the Cavanagh Company, the largest manufacturer of communion bread.  Apparently, much of their success is a direct result of the extremely high quality of their product.  Rev. Bob Dietel, an Episcopal priest, sings the praises of the first-rate Cavanagh wafer:

It doesn’t crumb, and I don’t like fragments of our Lord scattering all over the floor.

And it’s so true…  Cleaning up crumbs of the Lamb of God is such a pain.  Though I do keep some Christ-Be-Gone around the house, just in case someone leaves a trail of the Alpha and the Omega all over my clean floor…  Though I will say, it’s certainly a lot easier to get bits of the King of Kings out from under the sofa cushions than pet hair.

from Bread of Life, Baked in Rhode Island – NYTimes


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