The Anti-Social Chair – Yes, Please


This appears to be the perfect chair for me… Dubbed “The Workbay”, its designers describe it as follows:

It opens the possibility for users to distance themselves, even in busy environments, so as to be able to concentrate better with fewer disruptions.

As Gizmodo suggests, a better name might be “The Keep-Your-Co-Workers-At-Bay”. Or I was thinking of perhaps calling it “Le Misanthrope” – everything sounds all classy when it has a French name….

The only change I might make would be to cover the exterior with thousands of razor-sharp spikes.  And add a proximity detector that would emit an ear-splitting shrieking sound (not audible to the sitter) when anyone got too close. And some type of electric force-field that would deliver a painful and debilitating shock to those who disregarded the aforementioned audible warning system.

Oh, and maybe adjustable arm rests…

from Vitra via Gizmodo

One response to “The Anti-Social Chair – Yes, Please

  1. misanthrope? check. necessary good posture to take advantage of bay? blast!

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