Will No One Rid Me of This Meddlesome Douchebag?

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty (very subtle, that name…) is running the following full-page ad in the New York Times (click image for full size):


I’m frankly speechless.  Seriously.  The only thing that keeps running through my head is “unclear on the concept”.

Said Becket Founder Kevin “Seamus” Hasson in a letter sent to Towleroad regarding the ad placement: “This is a lesson America had to learn the hard way, overcoming bigotry against Jews, Catholics, and other religious minorities, and we are committed to not letting the country forget it.”

Do they not even see the parallel?  They want to be free to practice their religion without the threat of violence or of others trying to infringe upon their freedom to practice their religion.  They are arguing against the tyranny of the majority mere weeks after using that same tyranny to amend the Constitution to reflect their religious preference.  I mean, if it weren’t so repugnantly hypocritical, it would be laughable.

I want to be free to exercise the rights granted to me by the California Constitution – rights that were taken away from me by “mob veto” (to coin a phrase – ugh…).

All of this folderol about “overcoming bigotry” and “not letting the country forget” is, in a word, shocking.  The various religious groups who supported Prop 8 don’t see the very dangerous precedent they’ve set by altering the Constitution to take away rights.

Who’s to say they won’t be next?  What happens if in 30 years there’s some type of backlash against the Mormons or the Jews or some other minority group?  Well then, let’s just change the Constitution!  We’ve done it before so why not do it again?  We can just add a little section that says Mormons cannot own property; or that marriage is only between one white man and one white woman;  or that Jews can no longer control Hollywood and the media (though good luck enforcing that one…).  Or any other crackpot scheme that can convince 50% + 1 of voters to say “yes!”

Seriously, I have to stop writing, because I am getting angrier and angrier.  The bigots WON when they passed Proposition 8!  And now they’re running around taking out ads as if they are somehow the injured party!  “Oh poor little us – all we did was enshrine bigotry into the Constitution…  But it’s not fair for you to point this out, or to call us on it!  That’s religious persecution – and bigotry!” AAAUUGGHH!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Karl Marx was right when he described it as the “opiate of the masses”.

from Towleroad


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