So much for being thankful…

20031020-750-73The long Thanksgiving weekend did indeed remind me of all I have to be thankful for – a devoted partner, a loving family, many great friends, the sweetest cat on earth – to name just a few.  And this was in spite of the fact that Chris and I couldn’t even manage to get our over-indulgence-related illnesses in sync (I was out of commission on Friday, while Chris was KO’d on Sunday).

But Monday it was difficult to feel very thankful…

Things started off well enough when I got a call from my dentist’s office, advising that they’d had a cancellation that afternoon and did I want to come in?  This was good news, since the earliest I’d been able to schedule having my cracked bridge removed wasn’t until December 29.  “Hurray!”, I thought, “I’ll be able to get this whole stupid toof problem fixed before Christmas.”

So, after two hours of drilling, sawing, hammering, prying and yanking, the old bridge was out and the temporary bridge was in.  When I asked my dentist how long until the permanent bridge would be ready, he told me ten days…  Not too bad of a wait.  But he then went on to tell me that he was fully-booked for the rest of the month – and wouldn’t be able to see me again until my originally scheduled appointment on December 29.

Why this hadn’t been communicated to me prior to the super-enjoyable extraction of the cracked-yet-still-completely-functional bridge was a mystery.  OK, that’s not actually true – it was because my dentist (who is highly-skilled and extremely effective at his job) has a receptionist who is…  hmm, how shall I put this..  the complete opposite of highly-skilled and extremely effective at her job.

On my way out, she also started badgering me about payment.  “Do you want to pay some of this now?  Insurance should cover 50%.  Do you want to pay now?  What about now?”

“Can you just bill me?  You already took care of the pre-auth with the insurance, right?”

“Well, um, the insurance should cover about 50%.  Do you want to pay some now?  Your procedure was $4000.”

“Pardon me?”, I replied.  Well, I actually used a more colorful phrase, but with the same basic meaning.

Anyway, apparently the entire procedure had been coded incorrectly (I wonder who could’ve been responsible for that…  hmm…  another mystery…  yes, a complete mystery).  At any rate, I said “Just bill me once you’ve straightened it out.  I have to get back to my office.”

Which was a true – I had an appointment with my boss in twenty minutes…  I was getting my annual performance review – always the perfect follow-up to a painful dental procedure.

The review actually went OK – though even the most constructive of criticism can be difficult to absorb when one half of your face is numb from Novacaine and feels like the sagging demi-countenance of someone having a stroke.

But at last the day was over – nothing but blue skies ahead.  Dinner at Puerto Alegre with friends, which is always a great time.  And it was…  Excellent company, many margaritas and I managed to not dislodge my temporary bridge via my enchilada.



Then home for a relaxing evening…  Or so I thought.  First, Chris and I caught up on Amazing Race.  (Spoiler alert!) We were shocked and dismayed by Dandrew’s advancement to the final three…  It’s just further proof that life is unfair and there is no justice.

Then, just before bed, I decided to snuggle and play with our adorable cat.  But since I was still rather well-lubricated from our evening out, I was not as keenly observant of the subtle signs he gives when he is perhaps not in the mood to play…  And that is why today it looks as if a blind man attacked my forehead with a rusty machete.  It’s a hot look for me, as was clearly communicated throughout the day when my colleagues shrieked and averted their eyes after gazing upon my monstrous visage.

But tomorrow is another day…  And really, what’s the likelihood that I’d have my face ripped off two days in a row..?


2 responses to “So much for being thankful…

  1. I just silently giggled and audibly snorted my way through this. I need sound-proofing on my cube. And by the way, I only pointed and laughed a little bit at your seriously hacked up mug. Giving your co-workers a bad rap. Pishaw.

  2. Yes, but do keep in mind I’d had two days of recovery by the time you were presented with my hideously deformed and scarred-for-life aspect…

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