Doing this would be a dream come true…

I actually invented this gag in my own mind years ago…  Seriously, I did – I think I first thought of it when I realized how much (and how often) Chris likes to “rest his eyes” on the couch in front of the TV…

For those of you who know Chris, you know he loves to “rest his eyes” while sitting on the couch in front of the TV.  Sometimes on the weekends, he’ll start “resting his eyes” less than three hours after he’s gotten out of bed.  Seriously – up at 9AM and “resting his eyes” before noon.

And frankly, I resent it – because I’m plagued with insomnia – at night, in bed…  And god forbid I take a nap during the day – I’d be up for days…  Meanwhile, he can just say, “I’m going to take a little nap” and three minutes later, he’s sawing the world’s largest log…

At any rate, my usual method of waking him up is shaking him gently then softly whispering, “Chris, honey…  We need to get going soon…  Are you ready to get up?”

But every time I wake him like that, I have the same fantasy of waking him using the method in this video.  The one thing that keeps me from doing it is knowing that he would divorce me immediately….  Seriously…  He probably wouldn’t even pack his bags – he’d just head for the front door and that’d be the last I’d see  of him.  Well, except when we showed up on “Judge Judy” arguing over custody of Calvin.

And I will admit that I didn’t invent the air freshener punchline – and it is a good little punch line.  But it’s so not crucial to the crux of the gag.

Make sure you’ve got the sound turned up on your computer – then watch and enjoy!

And remember, I’m Jane Fonda and Chris is JLo (just like in real life…  well, except for Jane Fonda is aging way more gracefully than I…  Though Chris has a total JLo booty).


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