Happy Thanksgiving!

turkeyfarmOne of my favorite bloggers, Michael K from Dlisted, posted his Thanksgiving wishes today – and far more eloquently than I ever could…

Before you get too wasted to make out the words on the screen, I want to wish all of you whores a very Happy Thanksgiving(and receiving) Day. Yes, it’s an American holiday, but everyone can celebrate. It’s easy! Just get mega drunk, yell at your family members for not understanding you and then pass out in front of the TV. After you black out for a few hours, wake up at 3am, eat cold stuffing which has been sitting out on the kitchen counter and then make yourself another cocktail with Martinelli’s from the kid’s table and gin (the vodka will probably be all gone). See, anyone can do it!

So best wishes to you all.  I have much to be thankful for this year and I hope you do too…


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