I am NOT too old for Facebook… Seriously! I’m not!

So, Facebook, my new obsession, serves up rotating ads along the right side of the screen.  It’s pretty much the same few ads over and over (rolling razor anyone?).  But the other day, this one showed up on my screen:


Please tell me that this ad was served to me randomly… Or are they trying to give me a hint?  I mean, I’m the first to admit that there’s something vaguely unsavory about forty-somethings such as myself using the Facebook – but what could be worse than signing up for TeeBeeDee.com?  It advertises itself as being for those “who’ve lived a little” – which I take to mean “huge alimony payments”, “mortgage I can’t afford”, “ticking biological clock”, “recently repossessed BMW 3-series” and/or  “I don’t want to die alone”.  <shudder>

And WTF is “TeeBeeDee”? Trying to Beat Death? Too Bloody Decrepit?  Tons of Bitter Divorcees? These Bastards are Dying?

And how do you think it differs from Facebook? Maybe you use an actual typewriter to post rather than a keyboard? You get message alerts via your pager? You have to fax in your pictures?  The mind reels…


2 responses to “I am NOT too old for Facebook… Seriously! I’m not!

  1. Well It Ain't LinkedIn


    At what point did it finally become “uncool” to go to your high school varsity basketball games?

    Or are you still going?

  2. As a rather flamboyant member of both the drama and glee clubs while in high school, I think you can guess how many basketball games I attended… That number has remained constant through the intervening years.

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