Why, annoying lady with stroller?


Excellent location for a stroller... And seriously, look at the size of that kid... Is she in junior high?

OK, you were already annoying pretty much everyone at Papalote, as you interrogated the staff about the menu and your special requests…  And you took a really long time to place a really simple order…  And you were using that particular tone of voice, that is both condescending and tinged with panic, as if a failure to include the prescribed amount of guacamole on your burrito will have severe and lasting repercussions on your ability to lead a happy and productive life…

But would it really have been so difficult to put your stroller on one side of you, rather than behind you, thereby blocking the entire aisle?  Not to mention that the kid in the stroller appeared to be a ten-year-old…

Demanding that someone open the door for you and your stroller on the way out didn’t help much either…  How come you weren’t in that much of hurry when you were placing your order?

At any rate, Chris and I both had chilaquiles – and they were good…  not in the pantheon of chilaquiles, perhaps, but quite tasty and satisfying…  And the salsa they serve here is pretty darn good…


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