This is a “riot”!


I still tell the story from my friend Kate about the roadside diner she went to years ago…  The place had signs up all over the place, extolling the goodness of their fare…  Things like “homemade” meat loaf, “fresh” vegetables and “delicious” apple pie.  Doesn’t that sound “great”?  I want to “try” them all!


3 responses to “This is a “riot”!

  1. I thought that was my story. ?

  2. Oh and btw, when I worked at the Cannery Coffee House we did serve “homemade” clam chowder. People really “loved” it!

  3. No, I’m pretty sure I heard it from Katy first – as I recall, it was in Washington state while she was working for PIRG.

    Though you of course get credit for the time the waitress asked you if you wanted fruit on your cereal and you asked if it was “fresh” – to which she responded, with a quizzical look, “yes”…

    Then served you cereal with canned fruit cocktail on top – apparently thinking you wanted to know if the fruit was “fresh” as opposed to “rancid”…

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