Every cloud has a silver lining…

approval1Focus on the Family, the Colorado-based evangelical ministry that sank shitloads of money into passing Prop 8 in California, is laying off approximately 20% of its workforce.  Of course, Wonkette had the best advice for the soon-to-be-jobless god-botherers:

Sure, you have no income now because James Dobson burnt all of your company’s money on a state ballot proposition. But imagine the alternative! Would you want to be employed knowing that several hundred miles away, in another state, pairs of consenting adults that already have been living together, people whom you’ve never met and will never meet, were applying for state licenses (pieces of paper, really) that offered them some new tax and medical options??

Put another way: Would you want to be employed knowing that your children would all get AIDS immediately? You probably couldn’t live with that, huh? Kind of a dick move, right? Selfish? Uh huh.

The Lord works in mysterious ways…  Or maybe not so mysterious after all.

from Wonkette


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